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Top 50 Twitter Rank of Worldwide Startup Advisors For Much of 2014. Go to my professional site for solutions to your legal, business and strategic problems. The only lawyer who is a co-inventor of multiple, allowed-for-grant patents on blockchain technology!!! Blockchain and Digital Currency Protocol Development --
Top Strategic Judgment -- When You Need A Fixer -- Explore Information Protection and Cryptographic Security -- MUST-WIN: JUST DON'T LOSE -- SURVIVE!: Under Investigation? Being Sued? Handling Extreme Stress -- Corporate Issues -- Startup Issues -- Investor Issues -- Contracts To Meet Your Needs -- Opposition Research -- Intellectual Property, Media and Reputation Issues -- Independent, top-notch legal, strategic and personal advice -- Extensive ghostwriting, speechwriting, book writing, issue research, press and crisis management services. Listed by American Bar Association's Law Bloggers (Blawgers). Contact European Union audiences: This site uses a third party site administrator which may use cookies but this site is intended for AMERICAN clients and prospective clients only!

Eric Dixon LLC


Eric Dixon in the News Media: Legal analysis and commentary recognized.

Much more than a 20-year New York corporate lawyer, election lawyer and political strategist. Skilled strategic analysis, policy analysis, crisis management and political consulting. The best work never involves a courtroom or contract. 

Background: Yale Law School graduate; Operates Eric Dixon LLC. Admitted to New York, New Jersey bar. 
  • WHO I WORK WITH: Startups, established companies and achievers including C-level management and public officials and elected officials.
  • WHAT I DO: Provide strategic and legal services to entrepreneurs, start-up companies and other small companies.  I work with many individuals and citizen groups as well. 
  • HOW I GET PAID. Among other things, I accept BITCOIN. Businesses and startups: I will consider taking equity in the venture.
  • CLIENTS I CHOOSE ARE SPECIAL. I choose clients on the basis of character. Character matters.
  • THE VALUE TO YOU. When you pay for Eric Dixon, you get represented by Eric Dixon. This is value. Or you can pay a "name" international law firm much more and 98% of the work will be done by junior, inexperienced, exhausted and largely unsupervised lawyers at $500-800/hour. Pay for quality. .
  • WHAT I HANDLE. Negotiations, investigations, business deals, troubleshooting and crisis management to solve situations discreetly. I give independent advice on internal investigations, regulatory and government investigations, business due diligence and investigations of potential business partners, borrowers and other associates. I consult on privacy defense, privacy risks, reputational damage and rehabilitation, personal finance and estate planning. I assess regulatory and technological changes and their prospective legal and business impacts on clients. I sue and defend people in business disputes, government violations of press and public rights under the First Amendment, shareholder disputes, will contests and regulatory challenges. 
  • THINK TANK. I am a director of and represent an internationally-known economic think tank.
  • NEWS MEDIA RECOGNITION. My legal commentaries and research papers have been published several times by I am quoted regularly by news media including USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Newark Star-Ledger, New York Daily News, Asbury Park Press and Politico. I am also a former radio talk show host.
Serious inquiries at 917-696-2442 (no texts); phone preferred.
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