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Twitter Rank #35 For Startup Advice May 2014 (#44 June 2014, #50 July 2014 -- now TRENDING UP at #41 for August 2014). Go to my professional site for solutions to your legal, business and strategic problems. Bitcoin Protocol Development -- Among the World's Legal Leaders in New Bitcoin Technology -- Top Strategic Judgment -- When You Need A Fixer -- Explore Information Protection and Cryptographic Security -- MUST-WIN: JUST DON'T LOSE -- SURVIVE!: Under Investigation? Being Sued? Handling Extreme Stress -- Corporate Issues -- Startup Issues -- Investor Issues -- Contracts To Meet Your Needs -- Opposition Research -- Trademark, Patent, Copyright -- Media and Reputation Issues -- Independent, top-notch legal, strategic and personal advice -- Extensive ghostwriting, speechwriting, book writing, issue research, press and crisis management services. Listed among the American Bar Association's Law Bloggers (Blawgers). Contact 917-696-2442.

Eric Dixon LLC


Eric Dixon in the News Media: Legal analysis and commentary recognized.

Much more than a 20-year New York corporate lawyer, election lawyer and political strategist. Skilled strategic analysis, policy analysis, crisis management and political consulting. The best work never involves a courtroom or contract. 

Background: Yale Law School graduate; Operates Eric Dixon LLC. Admitted to New York, New Jersey bar. 
  • WHO I WORK WITH: Startups, established companies and achievers including C-level management and public officials and elected officials.
  • WHAT I DO: Provide strategic and legal services to entrepreneurs, start-up companies and other small companies.  I work with many individuals and citizen groups as well. 
  • HOW I GET PAID. Among other things, I accept BITCOIN. Businesses and startups: I will consider taking equity in the venture.
  • CLIENTS I CHOOSE ARE SPECIAL. I choose clients on the basis of character. Character matters.
  • THE VALUE TO YOU. When you pay for Eric Dixon, you get represented by Eric Dixon. This is value. Or you can pay a "name" international law firm much more and 98% of the work will be done by junior, inexperienced, exhausted and largely unsupervised lawyers at $500-800/hour. Pay for quality. .
  • WHAT I HANDLE. Negotiations, investigations, business deals, troubleshooting and crisis management to solve situations discreetly. I give independent advice on internal investigations, regulatory and government investigations, business due diligence and investigations of potential business partners, borrowers and other associates. I consult on privacy defense, privacy risks, reputational damage and rehabilitation, personal finance and estate planning. I assess regulatory and technological changes and their prospective legal and business impacts on clients. I sue and defend people in business disputes, government violations of press and public rights under the First Amendment, shareholder disputes, will contests and regulatory challenges. 
  • THINK TANK. I am a director of and represent an internationally-known economic think tank.
  • NEWS MEDIA RECOGNITION. My legal commentaries and research papers have been published several times by I am quoted regularly by news media including USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Newark Star-Ledger, New York Daily News, Asbury Park Press and Politico. I am also a former radio talk show host.
Serious inquiries at 917-696-2442 (no texts); phone preferred.
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