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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Name Confusion On Suspected New York Bomber

In all legal matters but most especially in criminal trials -- and extra especially in trials involving suspected terrorists -- the name of the accused matters.

The alleged terrorist behind several bombings in New Jersey and midtown Manhattan over a two day span last September is now on trial in Manhattan federal court. 

One of the bombs was placed in front of a Manhattan art gallery called King David Gallery. Draw your own conclusion regarding the intent. 

However, in exclusive proprietary research I did last September (and posted hours before CNN), the bomber's name (now reported everywhere as Ahmad Khan Rahimi) was found to be: Ahmad Khan Rahami

That's R-A-H-A-M-I. Not Rahimi, the name he currently goes by and which was first reported three weeks after he was apprehended.

And Rahami has family in Elizabeth, New Jersey with -- you guessed it -- the spelling that I reported. 

Not the entirely bogus spelling which the defendant now claims (probably in a bid to spare his family trouble) and which is, in an appalling deception on the public, being indulged by both the courts, the authorities and the complicit news media. 

Want proof? Look at the defendant's name in the caption on the front page of the federal criminal indictment, which I found and post here

(Counterpoint: How different is this from the case of the convicted spy once known as Private First Class Bradley Manning, who "transitioned" to Chelsea while in the brig and got released after doing less than four years for espionage for WikiLeaks?)

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