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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Jesus of Nazareth: His Likely Medical Trauma

While Christians worldwide prepare to celebrate (or more properly, to revere) the crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth (and subsequent resurrection, as held by faith) upon the holy day of Easter, some earthly research into the extreme barbarity visited upon the Nazarene carpenter-by-trade named Jesus may give a new appreciation for the actual and virtually unimaginable suffering He sustained.

A central tenet of Christianity is that Jesus endured this suffering to save humanity and to "wash away the sins of the world." The suffering is associated most often, and with good reason, with His being literally nailed to wooden posts arranged as a cross. Yet the physical trauma -- which has been depicted in excruciatingly brutal fashion in some cinematic works including The Passion of the Christ  -- may have been more extensive, and his treatment even more brutal, than the "mere" fact of His being impaled.

Perhaps there is no greater (or more widely cited) medical authority on the severe physical trauma suffered by Jesus of Nazareth before and during his crucifixion than a 1986 Journal of the American Medical Association paper by Drs. William D. Edwards, Wesley J. Gabel and Floyd E. Hosmer. 

The full paper can be accessed in PDF form through this link

Whether for the devout Christian or just the historically curious, the paper is worthwhile and compelling reading and remarkably relatively brief. It may give readers a new sense of the gravity of the pain and the duration of what today would undoubtedly be referred to as "torture." 

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