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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Winning: Boost Your Odds With This One Trick

Any legal encounter has uncertainty, but there's one surefire way to increase your odds of fighting to a successful conclusion.

No matter what.

It's virtually free, too.

What is it?

Here's one clue. It helps you win the fact battle, the contest on the facts of the case or the negotiation.

It isn't enough to have the right facts. Even if the law, both statutes and court rulings confirming their meaning, is on your side.

You must be able to prove your facts. This almost always means you need documents or similar evidence, such as video or audio records or computer evidence (what is generally called electronic data).

The more information you have at the start, the less you will depend on discovery -- and the cooperation and honesty of the other side's lawyers -- to get the documents you need.

The biggest advantage is that you will know you have a strong case, well before the other side does. This can only help in negotiations. Some great court case victories are won this way, when you can spring favorable facts on your opponent and back them up with documents.

Your lawyer can help you go through your paperwork to pull out helpful or crucial information. But the real start is with yourself.

With the right discipline and organization, you may have a built in advantage in any legal situation.

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