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Monday, June 1, 2015

The One Reason Why You Must Stop Working For Anyone Else

In this third installment of an ongoing series, I explore what people face if they don't consider going off and starting their own business.

As the stick is a far more effective (if less desired) teacher than the carrot, I'll cut to the chase. You need to realize how limited, and likely how miserable, your entire life will be if you don't consider this option.

Of course, most people don't cross this bridge, and many people have no business trying. The economy needs employees, followers, loyal consumers. I'm just saying that the opinion leaders, the movers and shakers, turned their backs on the path followed by most everyone else. It depends on what you want.

If you want to control your life, to be able to decide what to do, when to do it and with whom to do it, you have to be some sort of entrepreneur. That does not mean being fabulously wealthy, unless you define wealth in a non-monetary sense, that being measured simply as the freedom from control by someone else. 

But here is the sticking point. To become and remain an employee, you must always be willing to be controlled. And as control requires dependence, because dependence enhances control, you will quickly end up in a quicksand where your life is Groundhog Day.

And that, my friends, is most often the best case scenario! 

Things can become much worse. Your agreeability to being controlled, exploited and mistreated is no guarantee of anything! Being controlled is necessary, but it is not sufficient. You will remain vulnerable to every risk an employee takes, of being harassed, demoted or fired, of having your career growth stunted or hit a dead-end. But your upside is, well, there is no upside.

It's all at the discretion of your employer. And in an age where there are more and more highly intelligent, highly educated, underpaid and desperate workers willing to run through walls (and cut corners, sadly), that control is likely to morph into attempts to manipulate, deceive and coerce you into unethical and even illegal behavior. 

So if you dread a future of being the subservient subject of another, subject to the whims and absolute depravity of another -- your boss, your husband even -- what do you do? 

And if you otherwise don't fear the above, what about dreading looking back at your mediocre, unremarkable life, when you had all sorts of potential and wasted it?

And what do you do now?

Your options never actually decline with age. What declines is the ability to get opportunities handed to you by others. It just becomes harder to get a "job" which is the illusion of the easy way to get experience.

Becoming a small business owner is not easy. But making it work will allow you the true freedom of being able to follow your dreams, your conscience and even the law. It is the only way to have real independence and true freedom from the control by another.

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