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Monday, November 3, 2014

Too MANY People Vote: What's Really Wrong With Elections

Every year, every election, you hear "experts" talking about what a shame it is that two-thirds of the electorate stays home.

But think about it: The only people who give a damn about voter turnout -- aside from candidates and consultants -- are the intellectual elite and opinion leaders, the informed slice of the electorate which ALREADY votes because they CARE. 

Let's get something straight. If you really care about the elections, you're already voting tomorrow! Doesn't matter where you fall on the political spectrum. If you care, you're voting! 

If you really want electoral reform, you have to approach the issue from a totally different angle.

So when you hear this reheated pablum tomorrow about "not enough people vote, blah blah," think about who exactly isn't voting. It's the people who don't care. Democratic, Republican, makes no difference. So we're spending all this time trying to get more of the unconcerned, the indifferent, the inconsiderate, the uninformed, to vote. Is that rational? Is that a good use of YOUR time? 

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