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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Is The Rage Of The Mediocre Threatening Our Economy?

If you have achieved, or at least worked very hard and tried to improve your situation, you should never be made to feel like you owe anyone else an apology.

Or pay protection money to avoid a guilt trip, or hostility.

But some commentators in New Jersey think that high-achievers -- they target Ivy Leaguers in this article, but the principle and target class is broader -- should get, deserve and accept a "drubbing" and furthermore, should understand that the losers want to see them fail.

Read my solution in a sharp commentary here. My article, out of the Financial Policy Council think tank in New York, links to the New Jersey Advance Media (parent company of the Star-Ledger) opinion column.

These unbridled, unrestrained and unapologetic sentiments presage the creation and encouragement of a mental underclass, not of lower-IQ people, but of scornful, spiteful, miserable people who will gladly destroy anyone and anything around them. This is an incipient, nihilistic, atavistic class which (in my careful observation) crosses all socioeconomic and political boundaries. In the legal system, it bears watching, because such class members serving on juries could imperil your clients simply on the basis of achievement envy.

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