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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Hispanic Terrorism: When New York Was Ground Zero For The FALN

"Republicans have made a horrible mistake in acting like they don’t welcome immigrants...Name me the Hispanic terrorist who has done damage to this country? I’ll wait for the long pause.”

 -- U.S. Senate candidate Jeff Bell (R-NJ)

There have been Hispanic terrorists in this country's history. They have killed people. They have targeted landmarks, and successfully (and tragically).
These terrorists targeted our leaders, including supposed immigration reform godfather, former President Ronald Reagan.
These Hispanic terrorists were considered a danger on par with Mideast terrorism three decades ago.
But this recent history is being ignored in one of the endless attempts to rationalize illegal immigration and demonstrate "compassion." Look closer, my friends; use your noggin and dig deeper to see what is motivating these attempts.
I suggest you will see that these efforts are really about trying to get the approval and recognition of others that you are sufficiently compassionate. In the process of trying too hard, of course, one reveals ignorance of the history of terrorism in this country, and sometimes even insincerity.
There have been plenty of Hispanic terrorists in this nation's history, and recent history, for that matter. But Bell's claim -- incorrect factually -- would also logically fail even if true, as the absence of evidence is not evidence of, well, anything other than the fact of the absence because one cannot prove a negative.
Here is the shocker to readers: Perhaps the most dangerous domestic terrorist group in the United States in the late 1970s was the Puerto Rican terrorist organization FALN.
This group bombed major landmarks like New York's Rockefeller Center in 1974, and the historic Fraunces Tavern restaurant right off Wall Street in 1975 (killing four).
I suggest you read this Human Events article from 1981 to learn quite a bit about our history of domestic terrorism. As the article points out, Puerto Ricans (being statutory citizens since 1917 by birth) have freedom of movement and need not cross a border, plus they can and do blend in seamlessly, more so than people from other countries of origin. 
Puerto Rican terrorism may have abated entirely in the last 30 years, but the lessons for immigration enforcement (without which any policy is meaningless) remain.

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