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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Citizenship Fraud: Can Transgender Birth Certificate Changes Get Immigrants The Vote?

There is a seemingly-benign "transgender rights" bill, introduced in the New York City City Council yesterday, that would allow persons to change their gender status on birth certificates -- without actually changing their biological gender.

This bill threatens to turn official government documents into the domain of fantasy. That is, an official, government-issued document can now represent as fact, something which is not objective fact.

Get that?

This is not an issue of sensitivity or political correctness. It is an issue of flat-out document fraud -- as I explained in my December 2013 article about a similar New Jersey state bill passed by the legislature, and later vetoed by Governor Chris Christie in January 2014. (The bill was reintroduced this year.)

However, I question whether there is a deeper agenda that has nothing to do with transgender rights.

When an official government document can represent something which is neither objectively, demonstrably true in the present nor definitely not true in the past (that is, when the person was born!) but which is merely desired in the present (the gender change), what assurance can we have about any other government document?

I wonder if this is really part of a ploy to weaken the factual underpinnings of the citizenship requirement for the right to vote, and thus to ease the integration of millions of undocumented persons who entered through the nation's borders "without inspection" (that is, people formerly known as "illegal" immigrants but basically no longer illegal since border crossings have essentially been decriminalized) into the political, economic and social fabrics of the United States.

But the New York bill is worse, that is, more susceptible to encouraging fraud by weakening the concept of the birth certificate actually reflecting objective facts about the person. This New York bill would allow a person to change the birth certificate, without actually having changed gender.  This means that a man, being born a boy and with unmistakable male organs, can successfully change his birth certificate years later to reflect his current desire to "be" a woman, to have the certificate refer to him as "female," yet the person (I'm afraid to use a gender-specific pronoun anymore) would still be biologically male.  This is changing a representation, an official certification of a prior objective condition, from his factual state to its now-desired fantasy state.

(Before you ask, my solution is to allow gender changes to be reflected on current government records and documents. That is, by the way, the current policy in New York City, where medical evidence of the gender change has long been required.)

This is literally no different from changing a birth certificate to reflect a person's desired birthplace -- from a foreign country to, say, someplace in the United States. 

How do we have a judicial system based on facts, on evidence, when official government documents can now be changed to reflect one person's desires?

The ramifications of this legislation go far beyond issues of gender identity. 

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