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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Hobby Lobby: Freedom of Religion And Freedom Of Dissent

Dig beneath the surface of the Supreme Court ruling allowing closely-held family businesses to exempt themselves from the contraceptive-payment mandate of the Affordable Care Act. (The amount of commentary on the case is copious and you can find it elsewhere. What you cannot find is the strategic analysis I set forth here.)

When you dig, you'll see the real issue.

You'll see that 99% of people are missing the point. Perhaps that is on purpose. Deception, you see, has its uses. The explanation now follows.

The stated issue is access. The real issue has nothing to do with access to birth control. This is all about an attack on religion and attacking anyone -- and I mean, anyone -- who dares to express a Judeo-Christian traditional religious value. 

That is the end. The invocation of access is just the means to construct an argument which allows its proponents the easy access (cough, cough) to impute negative motives to anyone who questions or opposes them. 

This strategy explains the many attacks you see in "politics."

And the progressives are just absolutely brilliant in executing this strategy. 

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