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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Honduras President Blames U.S. For Honduras' Problems

The emerging Southwest border crisis is spawning some curious and ill-advised comments from foreign leaders who are blaming the United States for the stream of humanity going, well, towards the United States.

Perhaps the attitude of these foreign leaders, which is also surely on display in their home countries, is what is prompting people to flee.  And naturally, people seek entry to lands where conditions are more hospitable (they hope) than the land they have fled from.

But immigrants are not always poor. Throughout history, and particularly before technological advances in the 20th Century democratized transportation, overseas or continental travel was the domain, not of the poor, but of the wealthy.

The vast migrations of past centuries which populated the Western Hemisphere consisted mostly of people who could afford the trip. The poorest were left behind. Religious exile did not exempt you from this rule; you still had to be able to afford passage. Conditions being what they were, many immigrants sold all they had in order to make the trip -- contributing to the American lore of the impoverished immigrant coming through Ellis Island. They were poor after the trip, not before.

Nothing drives out the successful, ambitious and hardworking from countries -- and even from families -- than the envy, resentment and greed personified in the sentiment, "Your Problem Is Our Problem."  Consider the audacity of the President of Honduras, a nation unwilling to control itself yet declaring that the United States is not "doing its part" to combat the problems of, well, Honduras.

Never mind that the United States does more to combat the use, transport and production of illegal drugs than any other country on the planet.

Never mind that the United States sent billions to that nation after Hurricane Mitch struck Honduras in 1998.

Never mind...oh, never mind.

But consider who is expressing these sentiments.

Honduran-American entrepreneurs who immigrated to this country, that's who. 

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