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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Why You Must Talk About Politics, Religion, Other Uncomfortable Topics

Thirty seconds of psychobabble here. It is said that one should never discuss politics or religion in polite company. I disagree totally. Those issues go to the heart of one's values. There is no better way to judge the genuineness of your relationships and the character of the people than to discuss these core issues. If you still feel uncomfortable discussing those issues, maybe the real issue is that you need new friends.

This is not to say that people with whom you disagree cannot or should not be your friends. Of course they can. The issue is that of respect. That is the core element of any successful relationship whether it be personal, professional or otherwise.  Do people respect you as a person even if you disagree?  The reaction they have tells it all.

When people impute the worst character traits to you in response to disagreeing with you, do not take that as admonishment. Take it as a blessing, the blessing of the revelation of their character. Such people are not friends. You have no relationship with them. You have just discovered you are in a transaction with them, a one-way street where your interaction with them and acceptance by them centers around -- no, it requires -- your unconditional agreement with them on the issues and values they hold dear. For these people, it is about them.  You do not matter to them and you have just found this out.  You have just discovered they are frauds. You have just discovered they have been engaging in a huge deception, a deception as big on a personal scale as the huge financial frauds.  Your discovery is not to be dreaded but should be welcomed.

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