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Monday, May 19, 2014

Conquering The New Economy: The Courage Of Your Convictions

In law and in politics, the visible argument often obscures the real argument that is underlying, that is unspoken and that sometimes is even hard (or unpleasant) to articulate. 

I get at the real argument. Once you conquer that argument, everything else becomes vulnerable. 

In a recent debate about illegal immigration, immigration policies in general and the specific proposal to discard the concept of birthright citizenship, the real issue was never addressed.  (You read that right, and if you're inferring that I am not even talking about immigration, you're right. That's because it's not the real issue!)

The essence of possession is that you get to decide who uses it, who comes in and who doesn't. The minute you don't get to make that decision, it's not your property any more. The compassion argument underlying the immigration no-standards-open-borders position, and numerous other positions on all sorts of issues, is really a way to make it hard to attack the attack on the concept of property. 

The enemy of that argument is nothing less than self-esteem!

That's right. Self-esteem.

If you have the courage of your convictions, the guts to say, "This is mine! I deserve it! I own it!" even in the face of withering personal criticism, even when people call you all sorts of names and impute to your character the vilest of motives, then you have self-esteem. 

If you think that is remarkable, just consider all the people who are pushovers, doormats, walkovers. They're the majority of the population. They're the ones obsessed with who "likes" them on some social media site. 

They're the ones whose lives are ruled by the one overriding emotion of fear.  Fear of rejection. Fear of loneliness. Fear of being called a bad name. What they fear is secondary; it's the raw basic emotion that counts. 

In the litigation context, the people who win aren't always the ones with the facts on their side, or even the law. It's often the people who have the guts to fight and make the other side blink.  

In the economic context, it's the same thing. Fear is what is driving Western society. The ones who succeed are the ones who can both conquer their own fears and recognize and exploit them in others. 

Eric Dixon is a New York corporate lawyer who, among other things, helps people deal with extreme stress in situations like investigations and other crises. 

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