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Saturday, October 5, 2013

An ObamaCare website safety tip

The main government website ( seems to be designed more to collect information on prospective customers than on allowing access to rudimentary information such as plan details. This is why the site forces users to enter personal information, including answers to "trigger" questions, before bringing you to state web pages. None of this is accidental.  

This is exactly what many private companies do if you want to access information.  After all, information is not free.  The difference with the Government's site is that exchange participation is now legally required -- and the only option for millions -- so many people are essentially forced to enter personal information in order to access basic information.

Want to avoid the risk of data breaches because of the carelessness -- or mendacity -- of the most careless government worker?  Here's a perfectly legal way to circumvent the government website: go directly to the websites of the companies participating in the exchanges in your state. Better yet, call those companies. (Yes, minions, that smartphone thingy is useful for actually making phone calls with, you know, real people!)

This is the "old way" of doing things but it will allow you to be free from data security problems. It's a little more legwork and, admittedly, takes some effort.  The payoff, however, is a lot more security and privacy.

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