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Saturday, September 14, 2013

The First Amendment and John Catsimatidis

NEWS ITEM -- CATSIMATIDIS: SORE LOSER, RUNS TO COURT. There's sour grapes and then there's plain bull. 

Failed NYC Republican mayoral candidate John Catsimatidis is suing YouTube and Google to find out who's behind an obscure video no one has seen.  (Memo to John: There's something called the First Amendment which allows the freedom to be anonymous as part of the freedom of speech. Pseudonyms have a storied tradition in American political life. How else would we have had Carlos Danger?)

WHY DID HE LOSE? Catsimatidis spent over $170 per vote to lose the Republican primary. He has a compelling personal story but he lost because he deliberately ignored bringing experienced, knowledgeable Republican consultants -- including people raised in New York City, for crying out loud -- in favor of sycophants, other people drawing a paycheck from him and others wanting to draw paychecks from him. One of his key advisers, Vince Tabone, was a lawyer for Catsimatidis' Red Apple Group but was indicted (criminally charged by the Manhattan U.S. Attorney's Office) during his campaign on alleged bribery charges stemming from his other role as Queens County Republican Vice Chair.  

While these third-rate operatives and possible crooks were given carte blanche without having actually, you know, accomplished anything, I could not get a meeting arranged between Catsimatidis and a nationally-known Republican consultant.  Lesson to aspiring politicians, even if you are self-made and wealthy -- you don't win in major races by playing the third-string.  The Yankees don't run out the Oneonta Class A team to win games in September.  

This is why New York City's next mayor will be a far-left former campaign manager for Hillary Clinton who will turn the city into the People's Republic of Occupy Wall Street.

Final note: I predicted Republican turnout in the primary would be over 100,000, but preliminary numbers (excluding the paper ballots and mailed-in ballots not yet tabulated) indicate turnout of approximately 60,000, representing just 12% of enrolled Republicans in New York City.  This is an absolutely pathetic number which is a strong indicator of indifference.  New York City Republicans, the ones who remain in the City, may have just given up.

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