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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Is The Catholic Church At War With The American Middle Class?

There is a disturbing column out today by a Roman Catholic priest in New Jersey who advocates for "immigration reform."  The object of the column, however objectionable, is less the point than the much more disturbing sentiments underlying it. 

If the Rev. Santora's sentiments accurately reflect Church doctrine, this is a sad (and pivotal) day for Roman Catholics like myself. Our Church actively disrespects, denigrates and attacks me and millions like me because we work, save, invest and build things, as if those are sins. We are reminded that we owe, that we are obligated to help those "around us" who have broken and continue to break the law, who degrade our communities and reduce the value of our assets. 

In strictly psychological terms, the treatment by the Church of these two constituencies reflects a strong and objectionable moral judgment. Without knowing anything else except the fact of the treatment and attitude from the Church, a neutral observer from another planet would be justified in thinking that being poor or needy -- without regard to the causes for those conditions -- is a state to be exalted and to which one should aspire, while to have assets -- obscene possessions -- is a state to be reviled, denigrated and condemned.

Is the Catholic Church at war with the American homeowner and capital class?

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