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Monday, September 30, 2013

Does ObamaCare Make Divorce Rational?

,There are some perverse results from the Obamacare subsidy set-up, as this report details.  Commentators are now seeing that Obamacare provisions may make couples decide to either remain unmarried, or to intentionally divorce so as to qualify for government subsidies.  The financial incentives are significant, particularly for those at the lower end of the income spectrum.

In July 2012 I predicted that strategic divorce would be at least one option that couples who each owned businesses might encounter.  Apparently that option is now foreseeable for a greater number of couples.

Ironically, there were polls in July 2012 which showed that the single woman demographic supported the re-election of President Barack Obama by a nearly 2-to-1 margin over eventual loser Mitt Romney. (Notably, married women preferred Romney.)  This demographic is now facing an unanticipated outcome of their electoral support: an inability to get married.

The following sentence may fill expectant caring fathers with dread as to how to explain to their perennial bridesmaid daughters -- or sisters, nieces or aunts -- the following:

ObamaCare: It's why you're single.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Gay Marriage To Be Allowed in New Jersey

The decision just came down.  

Preliminary reports indicate marriages will be allowed starting Monday October 21st.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Tom DeLay Acquitted, Convictions Tossed

A Texas appellate court has acquitted former House Speaker Tom DeLay of various state corruption charges for which he was convicted in 2010.

The appeals court rendered a verdict of acquittal, finding the evidence "legally insufficient." This is not merely throwing out the conviction on appeal -- which would allow for a retrial.  This is the court finding the evidence insufficient to sustain the conviction.  It is as if the appeals court were the trial court judge and passing down a not guilty ruling, no matter what the jury did. (Remember, while juries can acquit and convict, judges can overrule the jury if it convicts; on the other hand, a judgment of acquittal cannot be overturned.)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Real Risk Avoidance: Just Don't Text!

This news story about a case that may be heard by the top court in New Jersey illustrates the potential liability that the sender of a text faces if the recipient should be driving.

To be truly risk-averse, don't think about whether it can be proven later that you did -- or did not -- know that the recipient of your text (or email or phone call).  I often run into people with this mentality. They always think, "Oh, they can't prove it. Uhhhh!" or something similarly thoughtless. 

True risk aversion, minimizing the risk, something approaching true risk avoidance, is to decide not to engage in the risky behavior in the first place. 

Just don't send that text. It can wait. Learn some patience.

Incredibly as it may seem, when there were very few cell phones 20 years ago and many of us lived with pagers and a pocketful of change, life went on. The sun rose in the east and set in the west. Business was transacted, deals were made and people met and fell in love, all without the use of the Internet.

Technology is great. Especially if you own the technology and have an endless supply of people clamoring to buy your latest killer app.

But it is not the be-all and end-all.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

The First Amendment and John Catsimatidis

NEWS ITEM -- CATSIMATIDIS: SORE LOSER, RUNS TO COURT. There's sour grapes and then there's plain bull. 

Failed NYC Republican mayoral candidate John Catsimatidis is suing YouTube and Google to find out who's behind an obscure video no one has seen.  (Memo to John: There's something called the First Amendment which allows the freedom to be anonymous as part of the freedom of speech. Pseudonyms have a storied tradition in American political life. How else would we have had Carlos Danger?)

WHY DID HE LOSE? Catsimatidis spent over $170 per vote to lose the Republican primary. He has a compelling personal story but he lost because he deliberately ignored bringing experienced, knowledgeable Republican consultants -- including people raised in New York City, for crying out loud -- in favor of sycophants, other people drawing a paycheck from him and others wanting to draw paychecks from him. One of his key advisers, Vince Tabone, was a lawyer for Catsimatidis' Red Apple Group but was indicted (criminally charged by the Manhattan U.S. Attorney's Office) during his campaign on alleged bribery charges stemming from his other role as Queens County Republican Vice Chair.  

While these third-rate operatives and possible crooks were given carte blanche without having actually, you know, accomplished anything, I could not get a meeting arranged between Catsimatidis and a nationally-known Republican consultant.  Lesson to aspiring politicians, even if you are self-made and wealthy -- you don't win in major races by playing the third-string.  The Yankees don't run out the Oneonta Class A team to win games in September.  

This is why New York City's next mayor will be a far-left former campaign manager for Hillary Clinton who will turn the city into the People's Republic of Occupy Wall Street.

Final note: I predicted Republican turnout in the primary would be over 100,000, but preliminary numbers (excluding the paper ballots and mailed-in ballots not yet tabulated) indicate turnout of approximately 60,000, representing just 12% of enrolled Republicans in New York City.  This is an absolutely pathetic number which is a strong indicator of indifference.  New York City Republicans, the ones who remain in the City, may have just given up.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

First Amendment Street Fight: National Review v. Cory Booker

Just released earlier Wednesday afternoon -- this story from National Review magazine reporting on a lawsuit I filed on their behalf Tuesday.

Late Wednesday, it appeared the defendants would produce the requested documents. Of course, only after a lawsuit was filed.  Promises, promises.

On Thursday, National Review's reporter Eliana Johnson did get some documents. But not a critical document incorporated by reference into one of the documents which is curiously absent. Read her latest account in a stream of stories that is showing how a straightforward, plain vanilla public document request has become an awfully tortured process.

Readers are advised to check back straight to the source -- here, National Review Online -- for further updates.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Is The Catholic Church At War With The American Middle Class?

There is a disturbing column out today by a Roman Catholic priest in New Jersey who advocates for "immigration reform."  The object of the column, however objectionable, is less the point than the much more disturbing sentiments underlying it. 

If the Rev. Santora's sentiments accurately reflect Church doctrine, this is a sad (and pivotal) day for Roman Catholics like myself. Our Church actively disrespects, denigrates and attacks me and millions like me because we work, save, invest and build things, as if those are sins. We are reminded that we owe, that we are obligated to help those "around us" who have broken and continue to break the law, who degrade our communities and reduce the value of our assets. 

In strictly psychological terms, the treatment by the Church of these two constituencies reflects a strong and objectionable moral judgment. Without knowing anything else except the fact of the treatment and attitude from the Church, a neutral observer from another planet would be justified in thinking that being poor or needy -- without regard to the causes for those conditions -- is a state to be exalted and to which one should aspire, while to have assets -- obscene possessions -- is a state to be reviled, denigrated and condemned.

Is the Catholic Church at war with the American homeowner and capital class?

Monday, September 2, 2013

Diana Nyad Completes Florida Straits Swim At Age 64

Thirty-five years after her initial unsuccessful attempt, Diana Nyad has completed her Cuba-to-Key West swim in a little over two days.

Nyad is the first person to be documented to have completed the crossing in open water (without a shark tank).

This is a remarkable achievement at any age. Nyad is 64.