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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Racism of Carlos Danger

New York City mayoral candidate and compulsive texter Anthony Weiner chose a Hispanic first name for what we are entitled to conclude is his sexually adventurous alter ego / nom de guerre, Carlos Danger.  Weiner admitted sending sexually explicit text messages from himself under the pseudonym of Carlos Danger at a press conference Monday (watch it here).

Why did he choose this first name?  What, the name "Sheldon" doesn't conjure up hot fantasies? (That's a reference, by the way, to the lament of Billy Crystal's character in "When Harry Met Sally.")  

Doesn't this play into the demeaning, if not racist, stereotype of the sexually licentious "hot" Latino? Why is this being tolerated?

Doesn't this infer that Latinos / Hispanics are merely objects for the sexual gratification -- of and by others?

Doesn't that further denigrate by extension the accomplishments of all people of Hispanic origin?

This choice of name is nothing but a putdown, the exploitation and perpetuation of a grossly offensive, degrading and demeaning ethnic stereotype.

A Republican -- heck, any conservative -- who came up with this would be on the road to political oblivion.

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