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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Organ Snatchers Alert: Woman Awakens On Operating Room Table Moments Before Being Killed To Harvest Organs

An alarming report out of upstate New York that an alive woman regained consciousness on the operating table as she was prepared for her internal organs to be harvested must raise serious questions about the morality and the bizarre motivations behind the trend to encourage organ donations from the dying and relatives of the newly-dead.

This trend puts all people who encounter an emergency room or hospital operating room in mortal danger. As I reported back in 2010, a pilot New York City program to send two ambulances to cardiac patients in midtown Manhattan raised the spectre of people being allowed or encouraged to die so that a supermarket list of needed organs could be procured.  One's life may hang in the balance and be dependent, not on technology or the efforts of medical staff, but on the morality of the caregiver who may have a financial or other inducement to see you die.

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