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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Opportunistic Looting Under Cover Of Trayvon Protests

Let's stop viewing these civil rights demonstrations (ostensibly about Trayvon) as ideological in origin. The origins, the genesis, is economic.

While most protesters are indeed protesting some cause -- whatever it is -- there is a significant core of people who see these marches as economic opportunity: juicy opportunities to loot stores while police are overwhelmed with the bigger crowd.

These marches are about getting paid.

The use of demonstrations as effective cover for breaking-and-entering covert ops is not novel.  

The infamous riots of the late 1960s (e.g. Newark, Detroit) saw many stores in those downtowns sustain serious damage.

Looting was rampant in Brooklyn and The Bronx during the notorious Great Blackout of 1977, during which New York City was largely dark for nearly three consecutive days. 

Want to stop the marches and the mayhem? The police and local prosecutors should make it clear that property damage will be stiffly prosecuted.  Maybe the new anti-terrorism laws now in vogue should be unveiled for this new purpose to test their deterrent effect.

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