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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Is NSA Whistleblower Snowden Someone's Useful Idiot?

It is far too early to jump to any conclusions about this Snowden guy.  It is shocking and dismaying to see otherwise intelligent people call for a presidential pardon when virtually no facts have been ascertained by anyone.  We have lots of allegations, some documents, but no indication of what's a fact and what's an inference.  For those of us who investigate things for a living -- or a serious hobby that becomes a vocation -- we see this as a story chock full of "unknown unknowns."

Just because his story fits the meme that in turn validates your suspicions about or antagonism towards the federal government (like the IRS/Tea Party scandal) does not mean Snowden is worthy of a pardon, may be wrongfully prosecuted, or is otherwise deserving of sanctification.

Let's just really hope this young man (he is 29) isn't risking a life sentence to chase glory and the approval of certain sectors of the political spectrum. In other words, I hope he isn't being someone's useful idiot.

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