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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

New Congresswoman's Dad To Plead On Bribery

According to this breaking report from the New York Post, former New York State Assemblyman Jimmy Meng will plead guilty later today to federal criminal charges of bribery.  Meng served one term in the State Assembly, and is the father of Grace Meng, who was just elected to the House of Representatives from the new northeastern Queens district (ex-Ackerman) following the 2010 census redistricting.
Jimmy Meng's case involved charges that he solicited bribes from a man to make the man's criminal tax charges go away.  According to court papers, the bribe money -- some $80,000 -- was to be placed in a fruit basket.  Food containers have become the apparent new modus operandi for elected officials to hide illicit money; former Louisiana congressman William Jefferson (now D-Club Fed) reputedly hid a large sum of cash in frozen vegetable boxes in his freezer.

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