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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Baby Killing Gets OK by Manhattan DA

In the latest sign of a world value system turned upside down, the Manhattan District Attorney's Office has declined to prosecute a woman whom they publicly claim self-aborted her allegedly six-month fetus, creating a dangerous precedent.

There is no physiological difference between a six-month fetus and a born-alive, very premature 27-week baby. I openly speculate this baby was actually born alive, murdered after birth and thrown in the trash where he was discovered.

In short, if my theory is right, this woman committed first-degree homicide. Murder One! (Book her, Dano.)

The District Attorney's decision not to prosecute sends a chilling message that a woman can kill her baby...after birth...and get away with it if she can claim (or prosecutors, acting hellbent on making abortion the holiest sacrament, agree to portray evidence to support the theory) that she induced her abortion.

There are many reasons to be extremely sympathetic to women traumatized by an unwanted pregnancy. However, none of these reasons justify the ultimate decision to terminate another's life. At a minimum, this woman had every reason to wait a few weeks until the baby could be safely born viable (and the numbers of ultra-premature babies surviving even 20-22 weeks after gestation are growing).

Her action sends the message to impressionable young women: You can do anything you want, and no one has the right to tell you no.  (You go, girl.) The rule of law, rules of morality and decency, none of that applies to women, goes the siren song.  And for plenty of women and girls, especially those who might have "daddy issues" or whatever dysfunction they want to blame, the promise of the ultimate power trip -- the power to kill -- has a deadly allure.

At its core, however, this case is really not about a mother and her baby.  What it is about, is power; the power of women to declare that they and they alone will shape the standards by which they are judged and held accountable. This drive for "empowerment" is really a blood lust for power, a desire to proclaim that there are no limits on women.

This is the mentality which has allowed some women to abuse power, to exercise hypocrisy and act as bullies, to engage in harassment (including sexual harassment) and to do so with virtual impunity.  Under this perspective, some "liberated" women have all but openly declared that they can demand or compel the silence of those with whom they disagree -- or dislike, to create some sectors of society and our economy in which a woman's word is considered sacrosanct.

It is such a dysfunctional world that a pampered TV meteorologist, Heidi Jones, felt she could get away with falsely accusing Hispanic men of trying to sexually assault her in Central Park.  (Interestingly, the same Manhattan DA's office prosecuted Jones in a case in which no one was physically harmed.)

Of course, a reminder is needed: For every sense of entitlement, there is a corresponding obligation.  A right for one creates a duty for another. 

There are some people -- and it's both women AND men, to be sure -- who believe that their past suffering entitles them -- yes, entitles is the accurate verb here -- to act in a way which allows them to heal.  This includes hurting others, even if  -- or especially if -- they are innocent.  It logically follows that this philosophy obligates the hapless victims of this dangerous sense of entitlement to suffer their fate, as new victims, and I guess the cycle of victimization continues.

When a woman and her unborn baby are involved, a woman's "right to choose" requires the baby (literally as innocent and helpless as one can be) to submit to death.

There can be no greater sign of narcissism, self-centeredness and toxic selfishness. Can there be any less desirable and more repulsive character traits? 

These purportedly empowered women (who in reality are being enslaved by their peers who wish only for their suffering to be shared, the better to feel about themselves) should note that men retain the right to walk away from these women -- not their babies, mind you -- who demonstrate such antisocial, undesirable tendencies.  Regardless of society's march towards "equality," men still look for mates who show personality traits of kindness, charity and compassion towards others.  The determination of whether a woman would make a good mother is a key factor in a man's decision to select a mate (just as women evaluate men for their ability to protect and provide for their offspring).

After all is said and done, men retain one right.

The right to reject.

The survival of our species requires it. 

PS: The writer was born at 28 weeks gestation.

Eric Dixon, Esq. 
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  1. Eric,

    Nice ad on Limbaugh's show. You had better do more of these and soon, because he is toxic toast. He will be off the air momentarily. Good luck with the dittoheads!