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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

If You're Innocent, Just STFU!

Keeping your damn mouth shut may save you from time in the slammer.  Especially if you are innocent.

One tremendous flaw that people have is the belief that they can talk their way out of anything.  These people often grew up being used to fooling most of the people, most of the time.  Some call this charisma or charm; others label it pathological behavior.  Yet others among us, either seeing the blarney for what it is or sensing that "something just isn't quite right," learn to avoid these people like the latest plague.

Trying to talk your way around or out of trouble assumes that your audience is more gullible, uninformed or stupid than you are.  When talking to anyone in law enforcement, however, this approach can be perilous to your freedom.

If you are innocent and you are either reporting an incident or have been identified as a witness, consider consulting with a lawyer about any discussions with law enforcement regardless of your level of involvement.  A do-gooder can easily have his story and facts twisted in such a way that an entirely innocent person can become a convenient target of an investigation and presumptive criminal defendant.

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