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Monday, September 19, 2011

Obama Scares Doctors Out of Medicine

President Obama's speech moments ago promised to pay doctors for "results." Such an approach will reduce quality health care and stifle most innovation.

Tying in doctor compensation to "results" is like measuring them on a won-lost percentage. It will make doctors look for the easiest wins and avoid the patients most likely to be "losses." This means only the healthy will get care, while the sick will find scarcer and less effective care as, ironically, their condition worsens. This is de facto health care rationing, by using market forces to reduce available care. Ironically, under the guise of efficiency, we will now have a health care system for the regular people which will achieve cost control by constructing barriers to health care.

This is health care rationing, a hop-skip-and-jump from euthanasia (let them die by withholding care) and denying care.

An emphasis on "results" will become a "bottom line" approach in which the lowest common denominator is used to measure doctor performance while ignoring the subjective and unique situations we all have as patients.

This emphasis on results will simply be horrendous.

Eric Dixon
Eric Dixon LLC

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