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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Are Alpha Males Healthy? New Study Suggests Not Really

An intriguing new report points to higher blood cortisol levels in alpha males as an indication of greater stress levels and that alpha males may live better, but not necessarily longer.

As a middle-aged lawyer with plenty of life experience observing the stresses on others, I help people identify, handle and overcome various severe stresses in their personal and professional lives. These stresses can be legal -- caused by lawsuits or pending or threatened government investigations which threaten to ruin your business or cause you to be found guilty of a crime and jailed.  These stresses may also be regular life events...but such events invariably involve legal issues.

Many stresses people feel can be traced to a deception or series of deceptions to which one feels or suspects one is being subject.   I have confronted and successfully unmasked some serious deceptions and I believe I am very good at unwinding and revealing both the deception -- and the deceptor (or deceiver, if you prefer) -- that may be causing you undeserved pain and suffering.

I do not practice psychiatry.  I look for real, external problems in the world around you.  I look to identify them, and then work with you to solve them for you.  I help real people, real victims.  I do not work with -- and I seek to avoid -- crazy people.  If your problem is internal -- that is, mental, or between the ears -- and you suffer from psychiatric disorders (like narcissistic personality disorder, histronic personality disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, hallucinations, delusions of grandeur or other delusions, neuroses, psychoses, attention-deficit disorder or other disorders that are defined with a phrase ending in the word 'syndrome'), you may wish to see a medical professional

As a lawyer, you can be totally candid with me and have the assurance that (unless you plan to commit a crime or engage in fraud) your conversation will stay totally confidential.  I also take strong professional pride in maintaining the confidences of my clients and friends.   

Disclaimer -- since I am a lawyer and we disclaim everything.  I am only a licensed lawyer and not a licensed psychiatrist, acupuncturist or quack doctor.  This means that, purportedly, I am not crazy, since I believe all psychiatrists enter that field in order to indulge their compulsion to manipulate others while getting paid for it.

Eric Dixon has been a New York lawyer since 1995 and is a 1994 graduate of Yale Law School.  Mr. Dixon may be reached at

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