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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Irene's Impact on New York

Tracking this potentially dangerous hurricane.

Accuweather(TM) forecasts New York City to sustain tropical storm force winds (meaning sustained winds of between 39 and 73 mph). More troubling is the expectation of four to eight inches of rain.

New York City typically receives less than four inches of rain in August. This year it has received more than 11 inches at Central Park.

Hurricane force winds (74+ mph sustained) and the same four to eight inches of rain are expected for coastal cities like Virginia Beach, Atlantic City, Boston and up to Portland.

Storm surges should be two to four feet above normal but isolated locations may sustain higher surges based on particular geographic features like the shape and depth of the continental shelf.

Previous rainfalls have made ground saturated, and additional rain plus sustained hurricane force winds should pose a major threat for downed trees.


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