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Friday, July 22, 2011

Mandated Free Contraception -- For Others, On Your Dime

A different twist on the meaning of "moral hazard" -- The federal government is considering requiring health insurers provide contraceptives free of charge to all members in order to not discourage contraceptive use. 

Blog supporter Ellen from Manhattan does not like the idea of the mandate. You see, this means that other people get to "do it" free of consequences because they get their contraceptives free...meaning that people like Ellen (and the rest of us) who don't necessarily "do it" get to pay for the pleasure of others.

This reader hilariously asked whether the government mandate includes some other things.  Her venting email rant follows:

Great!  Do they send along a nice man for me to "do it" with as part of my insurance plan?

After all, aren't I entitled to "some action" for the extra cost this will surely add to my health insurance premium?

(This may be the funniest comment this blog has ever received -- a true "LMAO" or "ROFL" moment for those of you conversant in internet-textspeak!)

This is like being invited to dinner, seated but not served, and then told after the meal that you get to wash the dishes, pick up the check and drive everyone else home.

At least the indignity of paying for the pleasure of others, while you may not be availing the same pleasure yourself, pales in comparison to the threat of criminal prosecution for not having health insurance.  

Readers, what do you think?

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