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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dog Crap: Why People Don't Pick It Up

Several New England and Mid-Atlantic towns have installed special doggie bags and even more "special" "dog-poop-only" refuse containers along walkways which are known to be Damnation Alley minefields full of dog crap popular with dog walkers.

Presumably, the thought is that dog walkers would gladly pick up after their pets, if only they had baggies.
As if a baggie shortage were the cause of all that dog crap on sidewalks...everywhere.

From a policy perspective: Let's get real. People do not like picking up dog crap. (Some people -- parents, even -- do not like to clean their own babies! That's why we have extra absorbent diapers. Not for the baby; it's for the parent, to reduce the number of cleanups.) They will not pick it up unless compelled to do so. Hence, the special dog crap baggie dispensers are just another boondoggle.

And while we're on the topic, don't ever trust those baggies to be 100% impermeable.  The germs in Fido's steaming pile are separated from your skin by only a thin layer of plastic.  There may be small tears in the bag.  Your hands may be full of fecal coliform and other nasty pathogens...and you'll be spreading that stuff to everything you touch until you wash thoroughly with warm water and soap and scrub for at least 30 seconds.  (That means, no Purell.)

So you'll excuse me if I refuse to shake your hand while you're walking your dog.

Eric Dixon is a New York lawyer, political strategist and comedy writer. 

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