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Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama Dead: The Battle is Not Over

The news that Osama bin Laden was killed, after more than a decade on the run (dating back to the 1990's), was greeted with near hysteria among that portion of the population that was awake at close to midnight Eastern time.

The news should have been met with a beclamed satisfaction (as I'll explain below) and trepidation.  But celebration somehow seems inappropriate, when we have merely meted out an appropriate -- and entirely necessary -- response to a brutal, civilian tragedy.

At most, Americans should take a cool -- and silent -- satisfaction in knowing that the persistence promised by President George W. Bush was in fact executed. The United States has shown that a dogged, tenacious determination will be engaged to back up rhetoric and sound bites when the need arises.

That fact, that accomplishment, has distinguished the United States on the world stage. And as with the greatest of accomplishments, this one needs little proclamation.

The battle is not over.  Not even close.  Due to 9/11, the American public consciousness sees terrorism as a major, everlasting threat, somewhat similar to that faced -- but on a much lesser scale -- by the Israeli public.

That threat has not abated.  We must recognize this, because as with Israel, our terrorism danger is the greatest from within.  Our society is at risk from domestic sources.  This is also why our immigration policy must be executed diligently.

If anything, bin Laden's death carries the risk of a public diminution in vigilance and calls for a redeployment of resources away from terrorism vigilance (which, I caution, is not the same as funding the Department of Homeland Security or any other federal agency).  Letting your guard go down is the time when one becomes most vulnerable.

Eric Dixon is a New York lawyer, political consultant and strategic analyst.  Mr. Dixon has been a practicing lawyer for 16 years since graduating from Yale Law School in 1994.  Mr. Dixon may be reached at and is available for comment at 917-696-2442.

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