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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Anti-Terror Incompetence By The Feds

An appalling new report suggests that the federal government, perhaps up to the highest levels, is trying to hide cover up evidence of its being victimized by a con man absolute incompetence in discerning effective anti-terrorism technology (if such a thing exists) from an absolute fraud.

The latest report will become the newest ammunition for those who argue that the entire post-9/11 anti-terror apparatus has been nothing but a cynical exercise in "crony capitalism," designed to line the pockets of the politically favored, waste insane amounts of taxpayer money, and diminish the liberty of ordinary, law-abiding Americans in order to facilitate it all.  This goes right up there with the billions of dollars spent on airplane passenger scanners by the Transportation Security Agency, the entire "money pit" known as the Department of Homeland Security, and the diminution of rights effected by the Patriot Act.

This absolute outrage calls to mind the impotence of our fictional spies in the old Walter Matthau espionage thriller, Hopscotch.  Here's a headscratcher for readers:  In that movie, what alternate definition did Ned Beatty use for the acronym 'FBI'? 

Eric Dixon is a New York lawyer.  His views are his own and as such, constitute protected speech.

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