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Monday, November 15, 2010

Human Chip Implant Rumor of the Day

Here's something unverified but passed on from a reliable source:

Reportedly, RFID chips (miniature chips that can be embedded in things like clothes, pills and your skin and allow for both tracking your whereabouts and storing information) are not currently being manufactured.  Someone who worked with the CIA claims that more than six (6) billion implantable RFID chips--one for every man, woman and child--already have been manufactured and are being stored in a warehouse in Atlanta, Georgia.  (Stored by whom?) According to him, we are just waiting for a directive to be issued in response to the right kind of emergency in order to justify their use. 
(But what type of use? For human implantation? Or regular inventory tracking? Or are humans now inventory?)

Readers, is this a concern for you?

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