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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A "Do Not Track" Internet Registry? Anonymous Internet Browsing

As a public service, those who wish to avoid being tracked on the Internet by cookies and other malware may wish to check out Mozilla Firefox, which I first heard about way back in 2004.  It is profiled this morning in the Wall Street Journal.

The article also speculates as to how a so-called "do not track" registry might work.  When that legislation comes out, we expect there will be flaws -- "trap doors" if you prefer that nomenclature.  The existence of such a registry, into which your information would have to be provided, by itself presents its own potential threat.  Any system can be penetrated. 

In essence, your privacy may be secure (as promised); however, that safety, and your peace of mind, depend on the fidelity of others to the law. 

Our bulging prisons and court systems attest to the volume of people who seek to get away with breaking the law.  How is that for comfort?

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