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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Litigation Stress Beats Travolta

The tragedy -- and questions -- involving the untimely death of John Travolta's autistic teenage son in the Bahamas last year may never be solved. Travolta announced yesterday that he will not testify at a retrial of two Bahamian citizens accused of extortion of Travolta regarding their alleged threat to reveal purportedly embarrassing information -- including a medical release form.

Travolta cited the continuing pain he and his family would suffer if the legal battle continued.

Chalk this up as another case where lawsuit stress beats justice. Travolta apparently cannot cope with his lawsuit, with the stress of having to testify. Despite his wealth, he lacks the confidence and the mental strength to perservere. His weakness (assuming there isn't something he or his lawyers don't want us to know) will now be exploited. Travolta will become easy prey to those who can exploit, take advantage and then pressure him with threats and other intimidation tactics. In short, Travolta has been bullied...and he's given the bullies the green light to do it more in the future.

Mental strength is developed. It can be taught. (It is one of the things I focus on in helping people being sued.). It can be learned. And it helps people survive and succeed. Without mastering it, one will always be a target for the evil.

Too often we hear that someone was wronged, but did not pursue a claim or a lawsuit, because they "couldn't take it anymore."  Every time a victim succumbs to the pressure, the strain of litigation, a wrongdoer gets off without paying his fair price for his wrongdoing.

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