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Monday, September 13, 2010

Inez Sainz No Victim

Over the weekend it was revealed that the New York Jets football team is being investigated by the National Football League for alleged sexual harassment of a female reporter, Inez Sainz, who works for the Mexican television network TV Azteca.

Not to condone any of the alleged antics or harassment -- which, if proven, are sophomoric and embarrassing to any adult. However, the real sexist behavior here is likely that of the TV Azteca network. It was TV Azteca who chose a young "eye candy" reporter for this assignment. And TV Azteca may have had a role in dictating reporter Ines Sainz's wardrobe.

A provocatively-dressed female reporter going to a men's athletic practice is, first and foremost, dressed to provoke and attract attention. A reporter going there to report will be dressed differently; as examples, there are several female ESPN reporters, including Bonnie Bernstein, who cover NFL clubs and dress and act professionally. You don't hear of any incidents.

This observer speculates that this controversy is entirely contrived by a career-ladder-climbing, ambitious Ines Sainz, an Erin Andrews-wannabe (this was the ESPN reporter stalked by some pervert looking through hotel room door peepholes for kicks) who was looking for her own 15 minutes of fame (or notoriety), so she could turbo-boost her career and perhaps land a gig as a magazine centerfold, model or contestant on the next "Dancing With The Stars."

Analysis and prediction: The real sexist here is Ines Sainz (honorable mention to Mexican television network TV Azteca).

Here's betting that Ms. Sainz is no innocent victim. Wait for all the facts to emerge.

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