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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Know Where You Stand: Mosque Protestor in Horse Dung

At Sunday's Ground Zero mosque protests -- one small one in support of it and a larger and much more boisterous one against it -- there were plenty of New York City police officers on horseback patrolling the events.  There were also large news media contingents, meaning lots of attention for protestors, especially ones who are telegenic, loud and had signs. 

The woman in the middle of these photos -- whose face is obscured by our flag, so she is neither embarassed nor becomes a YouTube sensation -- was distracted by the attention and never noticed she was standing amidst a large pile of fresh, moist horse droppings.  Look carefully.  It would have been impossible to miss...if she only paid attention.  The woman obviously is neither a New Yorker nor a farm girl.
Lesson to protestors:  This is New York City, where picking up after your pets and farm animals is optional and common courtesy is not common.  Look down where you step.  Especially if you're wearing nice shoes.
Eric Dixon is a New York lawyer and blogger on legal, political and economic issues.  He is a native New Yorker and always looks where he walks

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