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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Spellcheck Needed by Hudson County Republicans

Earlier this week we detailed New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie's repudiation of his own Education Commissioner Bret Schundler.  (Note the spelling; see below.)   One wonders if a new campaign mailer from Schundler's home of Hudson County -- provided to Crime, Politics and Policy -- intentionally disrespects Schundler by misspelling his name, or is a sign of the writer's lack of basic English skills and by extension, the pathetic state of the official party organization.
A campaign mailer from the Hudson County Republican Party, Inc., mailing from a post office box in Jersey City, NJ and purportedly sent out over the name (but with no signature) of Republican county chairman Jose O. Arango commits several heresies.  It spells the Education Commissioner's name as "Shundler" but has no problem with another state committee member's four-syllable name (Lee S. Lichtenberger).  One sentence lacks a subject and starts with a verb.   Finally, the letter exhorts Republicans to support a candidate who has a "chance to ride the Republican title wave." 
An alternate theory is that the letter was originally written in Spanish and then translated into English.  The literal translation would explain the bad syntax.
In any event, this is an embarassment.  We await Governor Christie's reaction.


  1. This is among the too many reasons I'm running for Gop Chmn.Against Arango. Are you aware that Jose has given $15,000.00 to democrats;openly endorsed the dem.candidtes for the legislature;sued to get repubs. off the ballot;and accusewd repubs.,when trying to prevent the typical voter fraud in Hudson,of denying the franchise on racist grounds? Yet where is our state committe on this? ?Sean Connelly

  2. Crime, Politics and Policy will support any serious challenger against Mr. Arango (RINO-Hudson County). CPP has met Sean Connelly (an attorney, I believe) in the past -- several years ago I believe. Mr. Connelly alludes to Arango accusing Republicans "trying to prevent the typical voter fraud..." of doing it "on racist grounds." Not the first time I've heard that -- A separate report from Hudson County Republican activists (and the November 4, 2008 Jersey Journal) in 2008 had Arango opposing some Republican lawyers who were combating suspected voter fraud in Hudson County in the 2008 general election.