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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Clueless Carla Katz: Taxpayers Are Serfs Who Can Go Eat Cake

Continuing a theme from yesterday:  Carla Katz's brain-dead remark about public employees having a constitutional right to have their job, benefits and raises by necessity argues that others have the constitutional obligation to pick up the tab.

To argue that some have the right to enjoy the fruits of the labor of others who are obliged to provide such labor, is to argue for feudalism.   Carla Katz is arguing that the public employees are the lords of the manor, and that everyone else is a serf.   

In this attorney's humble opinion, such ridiculousness serves the rank-and-file public employee very badly.   There are many public employees who are hardworking, conscientious and, to a degree, underpaid.   The teachers who are making $50,000 with a master's degree are an example.   These workers are being very, very badly represented by certain union leaders and their representatives.  

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