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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Give Even The Tiniest A Chance

A recent report out of Italy provides additional anecdotal evidence of the viability of very tiny, young fetuses who can survive abortion procedures performed as late as the fifth month of pregnancy.  See this report from England's Daily Telegraph.
It is the hallmark of a civilized society to care for its most defenseless.   When a mother ceases to protect her child, a civilized society should step in to protect the child -- in some cases, from his/her own mother's narcissism.   Although many mothers find pregnancy incredibly traumatic and unbearable, our society has the resources, capacity and sensitivity to help mothers cope with the burden of continuing with a pregnancy so that, at the very least, the baby has the maximum chance to survive independently.   Questions as to the baby's care afterwards should not interfere with the efforts to maximize the baby's chances to live. 
The author of this blog was born prior to 28 weeks' gestation, weighed less than two pounds for a time after birth, and according to the medical practices of the time when he was born, should not have survived.

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