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Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Lost Art of Crossing The Street in Jersey

The newest example of passing a law to compensate for stupidity comes from...New Jersey.

A new law going into effect today requires motorists to come to a complete stop for pedestrians who enter a crosswalk.

In most of New Jersey, where sidewalks are uncommon, this will require risk-averse drivers to stop for any person on the curb in order to be reasonably assured of not getting a ticket. In more urban areas, drivers should just assume a stop sign exists at every intersection to avoid the risk of a $200 ticket and two points on the license. In all areas, traffic will slow some places, considerably. This will deter speeding, but also impede necessary traffic. It won't be a good day to be a patient in an ambulance. On balance, let's see how many lives are lost now.

It would have been easier to teach people how to cross the street. But that doesn't raise revenue, nor does it placate the police, some of whom have little to do (other than in Trenton and Newark) besides scratch the itch to wield their authority while collecting their six-figure above-market salaries and taxpayer-underwritten benefits

And that's no joke!

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