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Friday, February 19, 2010

Tiger Woods Distracts and Hides

In today's public announcement, golf pro Tiger Woods admonished the paparazzi for chasing after his toddler-age daughter.

This statement was among various statements in which he admitted to having been "wrong" and "irresponsible."

Apologies require contrition. Tiger's apologies should go to his family...and not necessarily to anyone else.

The mention of the paparazzi was a bad strategic move, for it will be viewed (as this corner does) as an intentional distraction and a plea for sympathy. It screams, "feel sorry for me." It does not scream, "I screwed up" which is the real message he ought to have conveyed.

I would never have advised Tiger to make these statements. This attempt at damage control may actually have made his image worse.

(Eric Dixon is a lawyer in New York and New Jersey who handles damage control and strategic analysis, among other things.)

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