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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The See No Evil, Hear No Evil Border Security

The infuriating news reports about the Christmas Day Nigerian national underwear bomber continue to trickle out.   Tonight we are learning (courtesy of CBS News, click here) that the Central Intelligence Agency was tracking this guy since at least August 2009.  
Note one thing.   The bomber was not only successful in boarding a plane headed into our airspace (thanks to Homeland Security's failure to put him on the no-fly list).  He was not only successful in evading detection of his explosive substances (thanks to someone's decision not to employ all available technology in an international airport).
The bomber was able to get a visa for admittance into the United States!
History repeats.   The United States security infrastructure has not implemented the most basic lessons of 9/11.   However, we have this brand new bureaucracy (with as many inefficiencies as efficiencies), all manner of new and arduous regulations (with the combined efficacy of cheesecloth), and all sorts of scare tactics on the public (orange alerts, rifle-packing Marines in the New York City subways checking out the girls, etc.). 
We need our government to stop shuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic and actually open its eyes to avoid the icebergs.
Do another 3,000 Americans have to die before the incompetence stops?

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