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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Is Your Lawyer on Drugs?

Multiple sources provide anecdotal evidence about members of various industries who compete for promotions (or to keep their jobs) by working insanely long hours. Sources allege that these inhuman feats can be accomplished only by the use of illegal performance-enhancing drugs (IPEDs). Just like baseball players and steroids.   Unlike legal performance-enhancing drugs (LPEDs), known to you and me as caffeine and sugar.

But a cup of coffee (or five) is no match for all the uppers, downers, greenies, reds and whatevers that the twentysomething / thirtysomething crowd is rumored to indulge in.  

Questions: how does one -- as the worker bee -- compete with the colleague taking IPEDs? How does the business owner determine who is taking IPEDs? And are there really any owners of the means of production out there who mind having certain employees revved up for 18 hours a day? (Assuming that the employees taking IPEDs are really functional and not just imagining it, like the drunk driver who assures you he's fine.)

If you are a client, you should be concerned whether you are getting trusted and competent legal advice from a real lawyer, and not a toxic brew of chemicals. In other words, get an Organic Lawyer!

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