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Friday, October 30, 2009

For New York City Mayor: Thompson (Stop Bloomberg)

This is less of an endorsement of William Thompson than a strong condemnation of two-term incumbent Mike Bloomberg.

The overturning of two popular referenda imposing term limits has been well-chronicled.   Bloomberg's advocacy of overturning term limits -- for his own benefit, no less -- irreparably harms the rule of law and undermines the very legitimacy of our society.   His actions (with the help of a pliant and largely atavistic City Council) convey the message that rules are meaningless, arbitrary and imposed only by the powerful upon the powerless.  

Our nation was founded on a bedrock principle that "all men are created equal," and our Constitution (Fourteenth Amendment) guarantees us "equal protection" under the law.   For a city whose inhabitants are particularly diverse in all manner, these principles carry special significance.   Hence, Bloomberg's actions are particularly reprehensible and unforgivable.   His advocacy of overturning term limits by itself is sufficient to require New Yorkers to vote against him, notwithstanding any of his accomplishments. 

Bloomberg had acquired significant respect from New Yorkers of all stripes during his first seven years.  However, by lusting for a third term he forfeited much of his credibility and moral authority which the Mayor of our City needs to govern effectively.  

If he should win, a third-term Mayor Bloomberg will be disrespected, scorned and increasingly held in contempt by a growing number of New Yorkers who live or work here.   Voters should fear the degree to which an emasculated, credibility-crippled -- and lame duck -- Bloomberg will be ineffective or, even worse, indifferent to their needs.  

Crime, Politics and Policy suggests that expectations of an effective third-term Bloomberg will fall far short of the reality.   Concerned New Yorkers have no choice but to vote against Bloomberg, and for Bill Thompson.

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