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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Campaigns 101: How to Lose an Election (Yep, More Christie GOP Follies)

Whomever is running the Christie/Guadagno gubernatorial campaign over in New Jersey (the Republican challengers to incumbent Jon Corzine, D-Goldman Sachs) must secretly be on the Corzine payroll.   It is hard to explain the absolutely idiotic comments Lieutenant Governor nominee Kim Guadagno (the current Monmouth County Sheriff) said earlier today, as reported by   Guadagno says, in relevant part, that 'Anybody who says that Newark doesn't have a problem with crime isn't living in the world that we're living in.'

Attagirl.   That's the way to win over the Republican base and the independent voters.   Let's really tick off the rising up-and-comer Newark Mayor Cory Booker (D-Yale Law School), so he can demonstrate his get-out-the-vote prowess for Governor Corzine on November 2nd.   This way, we'll have a larger-than-usual Democratic margin of victory!   And while we're criticizing Newark, what do you think the owners of the New Jersey Devils NHL franchise and the two-year-old Prudential Center, two New Jersey investment bankers named Jeff Vanderbeek and Michael Gilfillian (D-Lehman Brothers), are thinking right about now?   Do you think they'll sit back and allow some country-club Republicans to put down the town in which they've made a major, major gambleinvestment?  

Attagirl.   That's the road to victory, putting a Bunsen burner under powerful, talented, wealthy and connected people with either something big to prove or a lot of vested interests to protect, and every reason to work hard against you for the general election.

Perhaps the Christie/Guadagno campaign thinks the general election is already won, given that every public poll has them up by at least five points and most have them up by at least eight points.   That must explain allowing the bottom candidate to be goaded into an absolutely stupid remark which, incidentally, can be spun into a crass, base racist appeal.   As distasteful as the remark is -- and it's likely untrue, given the author's personal experiences in the Brick City -- the fact that it was made is actually worse that its content.

This is shaping up to be one of the worst decisions ever made in New Jersey in the last forty years, behind John McVay's calling a run play late in the fourth quarter against the Eagles (you know, Pisarcik hands off to Csonka...Fumble!...Edwards recovers!...) and Jim McGreevey's appointment of Golan Cipel to his adminstration.

I guess the Christie/Guadagno campaign strategy is:  Wash foot, open mouth, insert foot, repeat.

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