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Friday, August 21, 2009

For Jersey Republicans, it's Torricelli time

Chris Christie has admitted to financial non-disclosures creating serious conflicts of interest regarding his former, official government position, and to the failure to report loan income. The circumstances of the loan (made to a direct subordinate deputy federal prosecutor working under Christie and now the #2 federal prosecutor in the entire state of New Jersey) make the arguments/excuses of "I forgot" or "I didn't know" or "I didn't consider it an asset" either unavailable or frivolous.

If YOU tried the same thing, guess what would happen to YOU?

How much of this overt hypocrisy must come out before the Republicans start thinking about doing a "Torricelli" for November? (And there's more, if the iceberg theory as applied to politicians holds.)

Some Republicans are tempted to overlook Christie's "lapses of judgment." The only reasons are either that (a) it can't possibly get worse than Corzine, or (b) Corzine / the Democrats are so corrupt, sleazy, etc. (substitute your own adjective) that anything the Republicans / Christie et al. do or have done is "not as bad." Either reason smacks of pure desperation.

Is this what the New Jersey Republican Party has come to? Is the Republican campaign mantra to be:

"Vote for us, we're "not as bad" as the other guys!"

"Vote for me: It's only a little tax evasion"

"Vote for me: It's only a minor undisclosed conflict of interest -- trust me!"

In the meantime, here's a brain teaser from this attorney:  Who can explain what the second difference is between Christie's insider-loan-among-friends mess and the undisclosed conflicts of interest giving rise to pending federal criminal indictments of former Bergen County Democratic Party chairman Joe Ferriero and the somewhat ubiquitious Democratic attorney Dennis Oury?  (The first difference is party affiliation.)

Eric Dixon is a New York lawyer and strategic analyst who engages in crisis management and other matters. Mr. Dixon cautions readers that this article is not legal advice. Mr. Dixon may be contacted for further comment through, or at 917-696-2442.

1 comment:

  1. First difference: Christie used his own money. (So did Corzine when he gave money to Carla Katz and Rocco Riccio.) Ferriero and Oury received money from public taxpayer / government sources. Ahhhh, so that's it.